Transition to your best life
In the next 3 Months create your vision that inspires you guide you over the next 5 to 10 years plus.

Stage 1

We will go through:

  • Establish where you are today
  • creating a new foundation
  • discussing your initial vision

The initial focus will be to look at what patterns and behaviors from your past and your inherited past, that you have you got embedded in your life.

Then we discover which ones are serving you and which ones aren’t and create new patterns using your life experiences that are still serving you as your foundation.

Stage 2

Now that we’ve established the foundation we can work on where you want to be and some goals and plans. You will find during stage one and stage 2 there is a learning periods to discover what lies in your heart and soul end effectively do some research on future possibilities.

Stage 3

Time to get clear on all areas of your life. Your future vision may include you living and staying exactly where you are In a much better frame of mind, or might include traveling around the world and doing amazing things playing sports, traveling, hiking whatever your best life is. It’s also time to get serious on all areas of your life know who you are and what you want and be certain about your future.

You will be setting goals and your initial vision. remembering that a goal is a pathway to a vision and the vision can grow as your experience and wishes change. it is unlikely you will find your final vision as it is ever evolving as you evolve into your greatest self.

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This Clarity session is designed to help you find some personal moments you may have forgotten, and help you clarify the outcome you want to achieve. We will go through my services on offer, and ask any questions you may have of me.

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Andrew J Dale