Success Stories

Supporting through a bad time, being distraught – never broken, just bruised


Digging deep … always able to bring me out uncomfortable moments with humor


Found love and happiness inside, chosen happiness


1st session changes to the most Important part of my life.

Jillian - EntrepreneurAfter my first session with Andrew, I felt grounded, balanced and incredibly focused on the most important parts of my life. He helped me to recognize and acknowledge how hard I have worked to get to this point in my life and brought attention to the areas I need to be cognizant of to remain filled with peace. He created space that allowed me to release resentments that I was holding on to which I didn’t realize still existed. He provided me with simple to follow strategies to stay in alignment and allowed me to further open my heart to experience greater love. I cannot thank you enough Andrew for your ability to connect and the wisdom that you provided as your guidance has been invaluable.

Jillian Sandoval
My Successful Future Coach

Andrew helped me to find clarity, build belief in myself and understand my true inspiration.

A person smiling at the camera and holding a bottle of drink toasting success
Happy client

I am so grateful to have Andrew as my coach, I had created a mess of my business and my life. Andrew helped me to find clarity, build belief in myself and understand my true inspiration. With his help I have turned my life around and am on the path to a successful and very rewarding career. The future is bright and I am enjoying every moment getting there.

Richard Schembri

The dark clouds have parted

A view of the Opera HouseHi Andrew I wanted to take some time out to express my sincere gratitude for the support and guidance you have afforded me over the past few months whilst I have been dealing with some personal struggles. It is a journey that has put my world into perspective. Andrew you have shown me through hours of valuable discussions that whilst everyone battles with their own demons, it’s the way you deal with them that makes all the difference. Prior to your guidance, I was positively lost. It had a domino effect through all facets of my life, both personally and professionally. As you know I faced longstanding pain and emptiness stemmed from my childhood. Being a foster child created a sense of loneliness for me and resulted in self-doubt, a lack of understanding family, mother-child relationships and a sense of belonging. Unfortunately this year it all came to a head. I faced difficulties with family and this had a domino effect on my relationships with those closest to me and also left me very distracted at work. Everything around me seemed to come crashing down at once. Put simply, I was a shadow of my former self and void of direction. Andrew thank you for taking the time out to notice my sufferings. I had considered professional counseling but put it off telling myself I was just too busy. Your approach was genuinely selfless, patient and never judgmental. You followed up on our sessions frequently and as a result I too became consistent in making small changes in my work/life approach that have helped balance my life. I understand that you would like to pursue a life coaching avenue and I would absolutely recommend you to anyone. I am now more productive at work and focused on my relationships with those closest to me. I can honestly say I am happy with my life, count my blessings for all that I have and understand that every single day I am in control of my fate. Words cannot express my gratitude enough. A heartfelt thank you. The dark clouds have parted and I can see the sunshine again. Thanks mate.


You are an inspiration to me.

From my Life Coach Master Trainer:A person wearing a black suit and tie looking at the camera

You can do this I appreciate your willingness to learn and grow. Keep growing, keep evolving and let go of what you cannot control. You are an inspiration to me.

Lune Lim
Master Practitioner and Teacher

Andrew has given me the confidence to face issues to which I chose to ignore.

Professional clientOn a personal level, Andrew has given me the confidence to face issues to which I chose to ignore. Being a young single mother, and paying a mortgage and bills alone has been a challenging task. Bills were constantly piling up, along with the list of items my son required, and I felt as though there was no use continuing in this direction. Andrew helped me to understand the benefits of having a mortgage, he took time from his own day to prepare a spreadsheet for me which detailed all areas of my budget, and gave me sound advice which I took on board. Thanks to this, and the support he provided me with I have found answers to my problems and opened myself up to many other options which I did not think possible. Andrew has an amazing confidence within himself and those around him, which has reflected upon myself. I now also feel this confidence and work through problems with ease. I believe none of the above would be possible without the endless support and understanding that Andrew offered during a difficult time. Thanks!


I love the coaching that you do

A person wearing a pair of brown sunglasses smiling at the cameraI love the coaching that you do, it sits really well with my belief system etc, It’s crazy but I was literally looking at the scarf i chose…ok, now I can put up a great (fb) status about you, thank you so very much…


Incredible spirit

You are an absolute gentleman & have an incredible spirit. It has been such a fabulous time sharing this journey with you


Conservative & practical

I appreciate you for being conservative & practical personability & what that does for me is allows me to see those qualities in myself.


Inspiring person

Fellow coach:

Such a pleasure to meet you. You are the most inspiring person I’ve met in this course! You’re bringing intelligence to our learning experience!

I wish you all the best in the NLP coaching business

Best wishes


I appreciate you for your strength


I appreciate you for your strength, what that has done for me is to teach me that I can speak to people and open up without fear.


Caring and supportive nature

I appreciate you for your caring and supportive nature, what this does for me is make me feel cared for & drives me forward. Thank you so much for supporting me to make positive change in my life. I truly appreciate it.


Appreciate your constant support and positivity

I really appreciate your constant support and positivity. I feel your always looking out for me and encouraging me.

I am inspired by your kindness and want to encourage other ppl to positivity too!


Straight shooting approach

I appreciate you for your straight shooting approach that has shown me that all different manner of approaches are needed

Andrew J Dale